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Best Tools to Spy on Competition

Wouldn’t be great if you could spy on the competition to find out what are they doing? How are they making money? Which traffic sources are they using? Which kind of ads are they publishing? Which kind of keywords? What’s the CPC? And more information? Sure it is.

Let’s have a look to the most powerful tools to spy on your competitors:

1. Spy Fu

this tool is very powerful and let you discover a lot of information. It offers SEO, PPC and more spy tools. It’s a set of tools like:

  • SpyFu Kombat
  • SpyFu Classic
  • Keyword Ad History
  • Domain Ad History
  • Keyword Smart Search
  • A Variety of Top 100 Lists


Just discover the most lucrative keywords from your competitors and the CPC, AwWords campaigns optimization to get the most and much more.

 2. Moat

With Moat you can find what and where ads are running. You can find which ads are used by brands like groupon, ford, appsumo, gillette, verizon, Intel, etc…  a great feature of Moat is it gives you the last ad shown and where. It’s free for the basic usage. Have a look below:


 3. KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy is a great tool to discover keywords, adwords information, to find profitable keywords and ads and more. They offer an intelligence system and a lot of advanced features. A must have tool.



4. SocialAdNinja

As the name reveals this is a nice tool for Facebook ads. Their database contains more than 400,000 ads and you can get extensive information for each of them. Ads, profiles, outbound urls, how many times have been alive. Their intelligence lets you discover gender, age, marital status, country, ad type (external or internal), days “alive,” interests, and by keywords located in the ad title, body, and even URL and also the ability to see each and every ad, affiliate ID, Prosper 202 footprint, tracking domain, and landing page in your competitor’s entire campaign.



 5. TheSearchMonitor

They have a great intelligence system that provides you Market Share Reports, Trademark Use Reports, Ad Copy Reports, Affiliate Compliance Reports, Strategy Reports, Brand Buzz Reports, Special Offers Reports ,Email Alerts, New Competitors Alerts and more. Track market share, page rank, ad copy, landing pages, budgets, day parts, and uncover new competitors on Paid & Organic Search.



 6. SEMrush

SEMrush is another great service for SERP information. They have more than 95 million keywords and 45 million domains. They offer important information like AdWords ad copies and positions, organic positions for domains and landing URLs, search volumes, CPC, competition, number of results, and much more. SEMrush is used by a lot of marketers and agencies.



 7. Who’s Mailing What

This is an amazing tool to spy on what your competition are sending out. You can learn from discovering which types of mailings companies sent out and tested out. It’s a multi channel marketing intelligence.

You can also get the latest email trends from the hottest brands, tap into the world’s most complete library of direct mail samples, over 20,000 promotional emails added every month, Friends, followers, likes! Track and measure the activity from the social sites. If you are in the marketing business, this is a must have.


 8. Copernic Tracker

Copernic Tracker is a great toll to use to track changes made to any web page content. If the tracker finds a change, you get immediately notified via email or get a desktop alert. You can track Online forums, Social Media, Auctions, News sites, Product updates, New job notices, Competitors’ Web sites, landing pages, squeeze pages and everything you want. Very powerful.

copernic tracker


9. SocialMention

Track what people are saying in blogs and social networks. Quite similar to Google Alerts but best suitable for social audiences. It monitors 80+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc.

social mentions



This is a nice tool to discover whixh theme a wordpress site is using (including parent and child themes) and also tells you which plugins are installed. sometimes i find an eye-catching blog and i wonder what’s their theme.

Now you can get this information, just typing the blog address in the search field. You also get the theme vendor link and a screenshot (if available), great.

what wptheme

11. OpenSiteExplorer

this tool developed by SEOmoz gives you a lot of informasion like domain authority, page authority, total links, facebook shares and likes, tweets and google +1, inbound links, top pages, linnking domains, link metrics and much more.  Just compare 5 websites togerher for a nice competition analysis.



12. WhoIsHostingThis

whoishostingthis gives you information about the hosting provider of any website. If you want to know where any website is hosted to, just search with whoishostingthis. Our domain example:


 13. the Wayback Machine

this site is very useful to search for your competitors website and how did they look in the past. The Wayback machine keeps an history of almost all websites and takes snapshots on a regular basis. See how they changed during the past. This is (year 2000) :)


14.  WhatRunsWhere

This is another amazing intelligence service to discover what other businesses are doing to advertise online. Keep an eye on your competition, research for new campaigns, get ideas for your existing media buys and so much more.

Learn what other businesses like yours are doing to advertise online. Keep an eye on your competition, research for new campaigns, get ideas for your existing media buys and so much more. It supports over 40 ad networks across several countries and will allow you to track a list of competitive advertisers, alerting you when they launch new text or banner ads.


15. AdGooroo

AdGooroo supports 14 search networks. They offer Paid Search, SEO and Display Advertising intelligence. Spy on your competitors PPC and SEO strategies, identify competitors and affiliates who are bidding on and using your trademarked brand terms in PPC ads and much more.



16. Adbeat

Adbeat supports almost 30 networks and it lets you to spy on competitors using Google Display Network, Adcenter Content, Adsonar, Pulse360, + many more networks.


And other tools:

Feel free to add your favorite tools in the comments below. We’ll update the post with your suggestions. Thanks.

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